October 8, 2016 Diane Nagatomo, Teaching English in Japan: Understanding Identity Development Through Teachers’ Stories.

posted Dec 10, 2016, 11:33 PM by Hamamatsu JALT
As usual, Prof. Diane Nagatomo gave a lively and down-to-earth presentation about what is in fact a somewhat complex theme. She described the results of her recent study that investigated the personal and professional identity development o female English teachers in Japan who have chosen to reside here as permanent migrants. Most came to Japan out of a desire for temporary overseas adventure, but some decided to make Japan their permanent home and English language teaching their career. In particular, her research focused on foreign women who are married to Japanese men. She invited us to look at her recent research (book) which examines this in detail.

She described in some detail the intricacies and negotiations (and sometimes refusal to negotiate) of a particular American woman who went from rural English teacher to rural, but very accomplished priest who also continued to teach English sometimes on the same day that she was presiding over funeral rituals.