October 25, 2014: The Why and How of Using E-learning Systems / なぜ/どのように eラーニングで学ぶか (Gregg McNabb & Adam Jenkins)

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2014年10月25日 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
 クリエイト浜松 Room 21  

Regrettably just 5 or 6 people attended this presentation about why and how to introduce e-learning into mainstream classrooms. Quite possibly, this is indicative of the state of the art. The purpose of the workshop style presentation was to show that becoming proficient in e-learning systems is simple and explain how it contributes to teachers' best practices as regards pedagogy. The basics of Moodle, the current world standard in learning management systems, were demonstrated.

Adam Jenkins explained that e-learning and blended learning will soon be facts of life and that MEXT has already decided that e-learning will be part of teachers' futures. He explained numerous reasons why using a learning management system (LMS) is sound pedagogy. Primarily, it allows teachers to focus on aspects of active learning and collaborative learning. He explained how using an LMS effectively can save hours and hours of work, especially when collaborating with other educators.

Gregg McNabb explained in simple terms how to use the LMS, feature by feature, often with "passionate interludes" when several participants were skeptical about the relative merits of an LMS. Specifically, he intoned that as LMSs will become a de facto part of educaton in Japan for 5 core subjects within the next five years, teachers need to familiarise themselves with new technologies.

*All detailed explanations about using Moodle are still available in Japanese or English from either of the presenters and both also have Japanese language presentations available that  explain important rationales for adopting a nationwide standard.

Reported by Gregg McNabb

Gregg McNabb

Adam Jenkins

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